Hazel Millington Glass

My name is Hazel Millington. After leaving school, I followed my creative instincts by training as a needlework and art teacher back in the 1970’s.

Becoming a fully functioning glass artist did not happen overnight! I discovered the joy of glass as a medium after having been introduced to basic fusing about eight years ago, and I became hooked instantly. I started making dichroic jewellery as a hobby, and have been exploring the potential of glass ever since...

I feel at home working with glass; it has become my way of life and now I have the added bonus of being able to devote all my time to my passion for glass.

The initial inspirations for my designs are many and varied but, being a long-term resident of Norfolk, the surrounding countryside - with its sweeping vistas and picturesque coasts - are my main inspiration. Mostly self-taught, I use contemporary and traditional techniques, employing the wonderful vibrant colours and hues in glass to create visual excitement, with a mix of hand-crafted fused glass and dichroic jewellery being the mainstay of my work.

My current glass projects are more advanced than my earliest ventures, but there are always new techniques to learn and master. I aim to grow old loving and practicing my art.